Cos Hellas Ltd. was founded by Evangelos Fytros in 1983, following his activity in injection mold manufacturing since he started, in 1972. Since 2017, the company is managed by two ambitious engineers who constantly develop it.

The company offers a wide range of mechanical engineering services from CNC, EDM wire and die sinking machining to lathing, mold design and manufacturing, 3D modeling and repairs/ modifications among others.

The company’s policy is based on continuing offering high quality services to its long-term partners while expanding its activity to new research fields by building partnerships with universities, research institutes and customers of high technological prestige. Some of the challenges which rise from this fact and Cos Hellas meets, concern implementing innovative manufacturing technologies and design processes while working on high precision dimensional and geometrical tolerances.

With extensive experience in machining and design, Cos Hellas Ltd. realizes the markets’ demands for technological evolution and keeps pace with them by constantly upgrading its mechanical equipment and design software, while it invests in new talented and specialized human resources.


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