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Partnerships with Universities / Research Institutes

We are proud to cooperate with Fasmatech, a company with worldwide prestige in the field of hardware development for mass spectrometry and ion mobility science and technology. This is groundbreaking for diagnostics opening up new horizons in the field. Our high precision parts are components of the Fasmatech’s unique devices.
Greek Atomic Energy Comission
We are proud to provide GAEC with unique domestic devices and products. With the principals of functionality improvement and optimization of radiation protection, we develop solutions which apply nationally in the Medical world.

Partnership with Vector Technologies Ltd.

Vector Technologies was established as a major supplier of measuring instruments and high technology systems for at least 11 years.

The last two years, Cos Hellas with Vector Technologies, started a strategic partnership to develop a product series for Optomechanics, trying to meet the best quality standards to access the market.

The products will soon be out for sale, followed by 2D drawings and CAD models on Vector Technlogies' e-shop.

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Centaurus Racing Team

We are proud to sponsor the Centaurus Racing Team of University of Thessaly. The team with its formula-style race vehicle, added one more success in its history by participating in the Formula Student competition in Czech Republic the year 2017. The team managed to come 9th in the fuel efficiency event, 12th in endurance event and 11th in business plan competition, with the final achievement of the 13th place!

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