Participation in SYSKEVASIA 2018 – PLASTICA2018 exhibition
September 27, 2018


We are very happy to announce our participation in a European Program of high research and technology innovation with title NOESIS: Novel seismic protection devices in all spatial directions (project code: T1EDK-02827). The program belongs to the Operational Programs «Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation», under the call RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE, with duration of 36 months. It is in consortium with the DYNAMICS AND STRUCTURES LAB of the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCHOOL of NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY of ATHENS (Coordinator) and GROUP SCIENCE G.P.


The primary objective of the project is the design, construction and demonstration of a new generation of innovative seismic protection devices capable of overcoming the major drawbacks of current seismic protection technology. The technology under research offers the capability of absorbing seismic excitation in the three main spatial directions with emphasis on the vertical component. Meanwhile it is of simple and robust structure offering that way flexibility in its field of applications. This technology manages to insulate low frequency noises (10-100 Hz) as well as excitation of very low frequencies, even under 3-4Hz, which is the current low boundary of the existing technology. This way, it can be used to insulate devices and crucial structures in both industrial and research applications.

Starting date:


Total budget: 499.038,61€

(Public Expenditure: 439.238,56 €, Total Private Expenditure: 59.800,05 €)


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